Sino-India Silicon Valley Research and Innovation Base Summer Camp (Phase 4) was successfully held

From August 15th to 16th, the Sino-India Silicon Valley Research and  Innovation Base summer camp (the fourth phase) was successfully held in the China International Sino-India Science and Technology Innovation Park. Nearly 40 children from Weinan and Feixian participated in the event.

During the event, the children introduced themselves, interacted with the game and showed their talents under the Organisation Staff. Everyone sings and dances in the small auditorium of the park, cheerful dance, powerful martial arts, and pleasing beats. The lively atmosphere of the scene mobilizes everyone to participate, and it is a pleasure. Subsequently, everyone took Shandong Education Information Application Training Base free experience and Doctoral Harmony assessment (, listening to micro-courses, doing exercises, reading reports,.

On the second day of the event, after the healthy breakfast, everyone walked along the park staff to listen to the development history, corporate culture, etc. of the Infotop company, and played in the high-tech experience area of ​​the Shandong Smart Education Maker Activity Center. Played against the intelligent robot game, and the virtual opponents feel the boxing, experience the charm of the ocean in the VR world, feel the different classrooms, the advanced equipment not only fully develops the mental and physical strength of the children, but also promotes their interest in learning, Conducive to all-round development.

Subsequently, the children conducted the Summer Creator course in the comprehensive practice area of ​​the park. They learned programming under the guidance of Indian experts in the park, “editing and learning” and trying to write game programs in a pure English communication environment  from Gamers to game developers. In addition to the programming class, the children also learned about the robot knowledge and the aerodynamics knowledge contained in the bird wing through classroom learning, tried to make robots and bird-wing model aircraft, and interacted with the intelligent robots in the park to experience the intelligent robot. Built-in features. The enriching and entertaining creator course ends in the children concentrated exhibition of their own robots and airplane models. The one-night and one-night courses are short-lived, but the children have gained happiness and opened up their horizons. Maker education has a certain understanding.

“Sino-India Silicon Valley Research and Innovation Base” is currently attracting investment from major travel agencies, travel websites, educational institutions, individuals and related industries. The base offers nearly 100 creator courses in 28 unique creator classrooms, including 3D printing, electrical foundation, mechanics foundation, characteristic handicraft, Chinese vocal music course, carpentry pottery course, game programming, artificial intelligence, and nautical model splicing. Maker, technology tourism and summer camp activities, and according to customer needs to elect courses to adjust the schedule, the park will also offer some long-term cooperation potential of enterprises and industry senior quality high-quality people to launch special programs, welcome team and individual consultation.


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