Dr. Oleksandr Koval attended Spring Festival Conference organised by Prime Minister

Dr. Oleksandr Koval from Infotop Company was invited to attend the symposium which organised by the Prime Minister Mr. Li Keqiang

On 5th Feb 2016, China Prime Minister Mr. Li Keqiang met with Top Foreign Experts working in China and talk with them at the Great hall of the People. Four foreign experts from our province was invited to attend the symposium. That Four foreign experts are German Experts Mr. Rich Wettemann, Professor of Qingdao Technological University; South Korean Experts Mr. Li Yuanzhi, General Manager of Qingdao Lidong Chemical Co., LTD., Ukraine Expert Dr. Oleksandr Koval from Linyi Top Network Co., Ltd. , and France expert Mr. ShiXiaoDan Yanzhou, Chairman of Yanzhou Dongsheng Materials Co., LTD.

Prime Minister Mr. Li Keqiang at the symposium highlighted the basic state policy introduction to the outside world in China will not change. We will Increase the intensity of talent introduction and provide more convenient services, and better protect intellectual rights through pooling of all strength and keep the high-speed growth of Chinese economy towards the high-end level. Hope the foreign experts in China continue to contribute towards the common development of China and the world economy in the new year.