Company received "Secret Information System Integration Qualification Certificate"

Recently,"Secret Information System Integration Qualification" Management requested Shandong Province to classify Review and Approval of Information Systems Integration Qualification and then announced by the company about Classification of Integration Qualifications. 

System Integration Qualification Secret, a secret system, is the ability to prosecute in Business Unit needs to have the qualifications to engage and keep confidential in Provincial secrets activities ."Secret System Integration" including Classified Systems engineering planning, design, development, implementation, service and security and other work. In Company, Team Leader of each and every department do their work with great responsibilities and support towards active cooperation of relevant departments . For each and every Department, Company hired High-Qualified Team-leaders to guide their team and staff members. Especially Technical Security Department are very strict and responsible to keep safe all confidential data and information of Province. Company won "Secret Information System Integration Qualification Certificate" that represent the Company's integrated business confidential in terms of safety and security. It has been certified for highlighting the company's safety and reliability aspects of the comprehensive research. Even Company's brand enhanced the awareness in terms of expansion of cloud services, and smart city construction to lay strong base.On this quality basis, Company moving ahead to work on their technical superiority and get support by the National Security System to ensure and to classify the information about quality and safety of Systems integration and will provide the market with more and better services.